This is an official message from Sekswerkerfgoed for the president of the United States. You’ll love Sekswerkerfgoed. It is absolutely fantastic. But what the hell is Sekswerkerfgoed? In short it is about the way they organized paid pussy-grabbing in the past. It has a lot in common with your so called (or fake?) foreign policy.

First, these organizers were great wall builders. In the southern countries of Europe in the (late) Middle Ages they built walls around the large brothels. The women had to live there and know their place. You will like that. When the brothels were too small they built walls around the cities. The public women had to  live outside the city, beyond these walls. So, pussy- grabbers had to go outside the city walls. But not all of them. There was a ban for some groups on (paid) pussy grabbing to safeguard moral safety. Safety first! Married men, priests, Jews and Muslims were officially not allowed to visit these brothels. So Mexican priests and Muslims from Yemen could not go through the walls to enter the brothels. Or like the people from Yemen for that matter. Women within the walls had to pay taxes, in this way they paid for these walls. Also like your Mexicans.

selfie geel bewertThere is one detail about this history you might particularly like. At the time, in Basque Country a woman who had her pussy grabbed had to wear yellow hair. This was to honor you, of course. But I regret to inform you that all these people living in the Middle Ages are dead by now. A total disaster!

But today the organizers of pussy grabbing are still active. In Sweden for example they only allow for free pussy grabbing between consenting adults. It is forbidden to pay for it.

The Swedish organizers of laws against pussy- grabbing- are great in using alternative facts. They will say that in the Netherlands the market for paid pussy- grabbing has increased after the legalization of places for paid pussy grabbing. Fake! Untrue! An alternative fact!

But you will be glad to hear that the women (and men) who are paid for sex organize themselves all over the world. Also in Mexico, by the way. Among other things they claim the right  to give golden showers when and where they want. If solicited for of course. Maybe I am wrong, but they will be delighted to hear that you recognize their ‘golden showers’ as labor!

Yes, Mr. Donald. Sekswerkerfgoed is based in the Netherlands. Arjen Lubach has campaigned for The Netherlands Second. He had a point. At the time of the Second President of the United States – you may have heard of him- John Adams- had campaigned in the Netherlands for the recognition of the independence of The United States of America. And yes, the Dutch Republic was the second country to recognize the American Republic. America First, but let Sekswerkerfgoed be a Second in the Second. Lots of Seconds in the Netherlands!!

Sietske Altink