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Proud – letter Tweede Kamer – English On November 27, 2014 the Dutch Lower House accepted a resolution that was put forward by two small Christian fundamentalist parties, to allocate several hundred thousand Euros for a study into the relation of the legalisation of prostitution and trafficking. The new Dutch sex workers organisation Proud decided to write a letter in which it expresses its concerns about the proposed research.

With the demise of the Rode Draad in 2013, the Netherlands was de facto without a national sex workers organisation. With the combined effort of sex workers and activists a new sex workers organisation has been founded: PROUD.(http://wijzijnproud.nl) PROUD has just presented itself to the world. (Text on ICRSE website)

Download the letter here

PS: 2016: The research is now concluded. Conclusion: It is impossible to describe a relation between legalization, decrimininalization or prohibiting prostitution.